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From pulp and paper mills to food processing plants and commercial fishing vessels, we stock the broadest line of pumps in the Northwest and Alaska. We specialize in more than 20 different manufacturers pump lines, ranging from small rotary gear to large centrifugals and turbines with the accessories to back them all up. Our completely packaged pump systems optimize performance efficiencies while incorporating specific customer requirements. Packaged systems designed, engineered and built by Cascade include drivers, piping and valves.
APV PumpsAPV is a world-class supplier of process engineering and automation solutions to the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. From the supply of engineered components through to a complete process plant equipped with latest automation technology, we specialize in helping our customers to improve their plants' performance and profitability.
Cat PumpsCAT PUMPS are triplex, high- pressure, liquid pumps known around the world as dependable, continuous duty, long-life pumps. The triplex design of our piston and plunger pumps delivers a smooth, low pulsation flow. The positive displacement design of our piston and plunger pumps delivers a constant output from .25 to 240 GPM at pressures from 100 up to 10,000 PSI.
Chicago PumpsThe Chicago Pump line has continued to strengthen its coverage and has expanded its product range to now include a complete line of Easy-Lift Submersible Pumps and Dry-Pit Submersible Pumps.
Crane Pumps & SystemsWherever there is a need for fluid handling equipment chances are you will find a CP&S brand pump. From the sump in your basement to municipal sewage treatment, from the boiler room in a high rise building to a marine processing plants, power generating stations , paper mills, construction sites, utility maintenance fleets and even in farm fields...CP&S products are hard at work.
Dekker Vacuum PumpsDEKKER’s talented management team, leveraging more than 50 years of experience in the vacuum pump industry, delivers the highest level of service. With technical expertise from a hard-working, dedicated support staff providing quality pumps and systems, Dekker Vacuum Technologies offers the best solution for your specific application.
Ebara PumpsEbara Pumps offer a comprehensive line of corrosion resistant formed stainless steel pumps that include end suction centrifugal, multistage, and submersible sump, effluent, and sewage pumps.
Hydra-Cell PumpsSeal-less compact design, durability and simplicity make Hydra-Cell pumps the optimum choice for handling aggressive fluids, abrasive fluids with particles, such as hot fluids, corrosive fluids, slurries, abrasives, liquid gases, and many more.
MDM PumpsExpect quality, durability, and efficiency in pump technology from MDM. Producing pumps for applications ranging from the simple Koi ponds and water gardens to large industrial, commercial or agribusiness applications like municipal water features, water treatment, fish farming, crop irrigation and chemical processing and production
MP/Carver PumpsMP Pumps offers superior design, engineering and manufacturing of centrifugal pumps for wide variety of applications, including pumps for the industrial, transportation, agriculture, and marine markets.
Pacer PumpsPacer is the originator and is recognized as the leading manufacturer of high performance centrifugal pumps molded from tough modern thermoplastics for handling corrosive liquids. Successful adaptation of these products for industrial, agricultural, oilfield, marine and construction applications has resulted in worldwide market acceptance.
Roper PumpsSince 1857, the Roper Pump Company name has become synonymous with quality and dependable service. Today, Roper Pump is recognized world wide as a leading supplier of industrial pumps including helical gear pumps, progressing cavity pumps, triple screw pumps, rotary lobe pumps, pumping systems and solutions.
Tsurumi PumpsTsurumi is the pump technology that the world trusts. Tsurumi is a global company working around the world. Tsurumi offers a wide variety of pumps for industrial applications including submersible pumps, engine driven pumps and utility pumps.
Warren Rupp PumpsWarren E. Rupp offers the SANDPIPER® air-operated, double diaphragm (AODD) (non-positive displacement) pump range offers customers a variety of unique problem solving AODD pump designs. Their core designs include heavy duty ball, heavy duty flap, containment duty, and standard duty configurations, enabling customers “more ways than one” to address their pumping needs.