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VALAIRDATA II Sterile Gas Filter Test Unit

Dominick Hunter

The search for an efficient and practical method of testing hydrophobic sterile gas filters of both membrane and depth construction led domnick hunter to develop the unique VALAIRDATA aerosol integrity test system in 1990. The test has since become widely accepted in a variety of applications and industries as a routine method for integrity testing air filtration systems. domnick hunter has now developed the 2nd generation system – VALAIRDATA II.

Whether it is ensuring the sterility of air to aseptic filling machines within the dairy industry or validating the performance of inlet filters to a fermentation system in the production of food additives, enzymes or pharmaceuticals, VALAIRDATA II is THE practical test.

• 30 second test time for a single 10” cartridge challenge
• Results correlated to aerosol bacterial and viral challenge
• Rechargeable battery backed giving independence from mains supply
• Stores up to 200 test results and supported with software for PC download
• Built-in test instrument system integrity check
• Fully validated secure option designed to GAMP 4 Guidelines and meets the FDA's 21CFR11 requirements
• Aerosol fluid level warnings and simple reservoir access and filling procedure
• Well established with over 200 current VALAIRDATA users
• PDA recommended for use where filtered gas not in direct contact with exposed sterile product or surfaces