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Condensate Drain ValvesCondensate Drain Valves
Donaldson Ultramat UFM-T zero air-loss condensate drain valve has a compact design allowing for installation in restricted space applications. The unique internal reservoir and flow channels reduce the possibility of blockage and minimize fouling of the drain valve seat allowing more thorough processing at a downstream oil/water separator.
TD Drain ValveTD Drain Valve
The TD Drain Valve controls the automatic removal of moisture from your air delivery equipment.
UFM-P Condensate Drain ValveUFM-P Condensate Drain Valve
The UFM-P Condensate Drain Valve is a pneumatic level-controlled condensate drain, suitable for the operation in explosion-endangered areas.
Ultraaqua Autoclean UFA Oil and Water SeparatorUltraaqua Autoclean UFA Oil and Water Separator
The Ultraaqua Autoclean UFA-AC is an oil/water separator for the purification of air compressor condensate and is particularly used with difficulty separable condensate e.g. an emulsion. The amounts of accumulating condensate can vary depending the place of installation and the season.
Ultracool Process Water ChillerUltracool Process Water Chiller
Chilled to a preadjusted temperature in a generously sized heat exchanger, Donaldson Ultracool process water chillers guarantee a secure and repeatable production process, while saving you money and protecting the environment.
Closed-Loop Fluid Cooling SystemClosed-Loop Fluid Cooling System
Donaldson Industrial Closed-Loop Fluid Cooling System is the most costeffective cooling system available for virtually any fluid.
Moisture, Carbon Monoxide, and Oxygen AnalyzersMoisture, Carbon Monoxide, and Oxygen Analyzers
Donaldson Analyzer Systems are designed to accurately and reliably measure moisture, carbon monoxide and oxygen concentrations in breathing, medical and industrial air supplies as well as provide alarms when safe levels are exceeded.
Zander EcodrainZander Ecodrain
The unique ZANDER Ecodrain is the ideal drain to remove condensate effectively from compressed air or gas systems without wasting any system air or gas.