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Industrial Diesel Liquid Cooled Generator


Baldor Industrial Diesel Liquid Cooled generators are at work all over the globe. For peak shaving duty, an IDLC generator can supply prime power in parallel with the utility. In the standby mode, the IDLC genset can supply emergency power to all critical loads and selected loads as desired. Every IDLC power system is designed, engineered, built and tested to the customer's specifications. Baldor's IDLC diesel generator sets include ratings from 30kW to 2000kW using John Deere, Mitsubishi, or Detroit diesel engines. Solid-state engine controls and switchgear systems are designed to meet application requirements.
Model Standby Model Standby
Number Rating Number Rating
IDLC30-2J 30 IDLC300-3J 300
IDLC40-2J 40 IDLC300-3D 300
IDLC50-2J 50 IDLC350-3J 350
IDLC60-2J 60 IDLC350-3D 350
IDLC80-3J 80 IDLC400-3D 400
IDLC100-3J 100 IDLC450-3D 450
IDLC125-3J  125 IDLC600-2M 600
IDLC150-3J 150 IDLC800-2M 800
IDLC180-3J 180 IDLC1000-2M 1000
IDLC200-3J 200 IDLC1250-2M 1250
IDLC225-3J 225 IDLC1600-2M 1600
IDLC250-3J 250 IDLC2000-2M 2000
IDLC275-3J 275
NOTES: "J" suffix - denotes John Deere engine;
"D" suffix - denotes Detroit Diesel engine;
"M" suffix - denotes Mitsubishi engine