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Refrigerated Dryers

Industrial Process Water ChillerIndustrial Process Water Chiller
Donaldson CH Series process water chillers guarantee a secure and repeatable production process, while saving you money and protecting the environment. Total process security at high efficiency levels makes the Donaldson water chiller the optimum solution.
High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Compressed Air DryerHigh Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
The Donaldson DHT high inlet temperature refrigerated air dryers combine four separate components into one efficient package. Designed for air-cooled reciprocating type air compressors, this compressed air dryer combines an aftercooler, moisture separator, filter, and refrigerated dryer into a single compact unit, needing single point air in/out, drain and electrical connections. These dryers can accept compressed air up to 205°F and provide clean dry air at the outlet.
Non-Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air DryerNon-Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Donaldson VF Series dryers offer highest efficiencies at varying flow conditions in a lightweight, compact design. No other dryer in the industry can offer the efficiency ratings achieved by the VF Series dryers in variable flow operation.
Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air DryerCycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
A combination of high quality components, intelligent control logic, and taking advantage of real-world operating conditions allows our cycling refrigerated compressed air dryer to provide consistent premium air quality at the lowest possible cost.
RTM High-Capacity Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air DryerRTM High-Capacity Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
The Donaldson RTM Series utilizes high efficiency compressors with defined loading and unloading capacities and a thermal mass medium for storage. The refrigeration system cools the thermal mass medium to a predetermined lower temperature. Once that temperature is reached, the system goes into standby mode until the temperature rises to another predetermined set point. Only then does the system come out of standby mode and once again cools the thermal mass medium. No energy is wasted when demand on the dryer is low. The RTM dryers are ideally suited when large air volumes need to be dried to a reliable and constant dew point.
CRD (60Hz) 0.18 - 3.75 m3/min Refrigerated Air DryerCRD (60Hz) 0.18 - 3.75 m3/min Refrigerated Air Dryer
Energy efficient compressed air refrigeration dryers. 60Hz Models
CAF Variable Flow Air Refrigeration DryerCAF Variable Flow Air Refrigeration Dryer
CAF Variable Flow Dryers have an insulated heat exchanger for maximum energy efficiency, a large surface area for better thermal efficiency. Also have low pressure drop for loser operating cost, a lightweight and compact design to ensure easy installation, and no interconnection pipes.
CDR Refrigerated Compressed Air DryerCDR Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
CDR Series Dryers provide an extremely consistent level of drying over a wide range of operating conditions. Downstream air lines and pneumatic equipment are kept free of troublesome liquid water allowing for extended component service life and increased productivity.