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Large Industrial Air Compressor


FS CURTIS has taken world-class compressed air power to a new level with  low speed, heavy cast iron, large industrial air compressor packages.

The Large Industrial Series gives you unsurpassed reliability by featuring low speed compressor pumps and electric motors to ensure a long, extended service life with low maintenance.

Standard Equipment:

  • Constant speed control
  • V-belt with multi-groove flywheel
  • Large metal intake filter silencers
  • OSHA approved enclosed belt guard
  • C-100 and C-150 are Pressure lubricated with Centro-ring™ oil system
  • C-200, C-260 and C-300 are Pressure lubricated with gear type oil pump to include full flow oil filter, oil pressure gauge and low oil pressure switch
  • Factory Oil Filled
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Available in both C and CW Series
Optional Equipment:
  • Dual control
  • High discharge air temperature shutdown
  • High inter stage air temperature shutdown
  • Watercooled aftercooler
  • Moisture separator for aftercooler
  • Automatic drain trap for separator
  • Automatic water throttle valve
  • C-100 and 150 models available with low oil shutdown
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