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Reciprocating Compressors

Air Compressor Maintenance & Rebuild KitsProtect Your Investment with a FS CURTIS Rebuild and Service Kits for the CA Series Compressors. Rebuild kits include required amount of elements for compressor. Service Kits includes required amount of LP Lubricant and air elements for one service.See More
Base Mounted Electric Air CompressorThe Base Mounted Electric compressor comes with a heavy gauge metal base platform with conveniently located mounting holes. Optional 120 gallon ASME vertical air receiver available on 20, 25, & 30 HP models.See More
CA Series Air Compressor PumpCA Series Basic Pumps are available with electric motor or gasoline engine. Quality and industrial durability are built into each cast iron pump to give you a solid return on your compressor investment.See More
Cast Iron Compressor PumpThe Masterline cast iron, pressure lubricated, low RPM compressor features Stainless Steel Valve Assemblies; Heavy Cast Iron Connecting Rods; Oversized Tapered Main Roller Bearings; and a Heavy Duty Ductile Iron Crankshaft.See More
CT Series - Electric Driven Air CompressorThe CT Tank Electric Driven Series features heavy cast iron pump construction for dependable operation with quiet, slow speed design for extended life. High flow, heavy duty stainless steel valve system allow for more cfm per horsepower.See More
CT Series - Gas Driven Air CompressorCT Series Tank Mounted Gas Driven compressors feature heavy cast iron pump construction for dependable operation with two stage 145-175 PSI Engine Idle Control and 12V D.C. starter with alternator. Heavy duty, main roller bearings precision fit on each end of crankshaft for solid support of all rotating parts.See More
Diesel Air Compressor UnitDiesel unit with 9 HP Air cooled 4 cycle Yanmar engine.See More
Duplex Tank Mounted Air CompressorThe Duplex Tank Mounted Electric compressor features an optional alternator control panel and comes complete with magnetic starters and thermal overload protection. Compressors alternate during normal operation.See More
Duplex Tank Mounted Electric Air CompressorFS Curtis Duplex Tank Mounted Electric features alternator control panel mounted with motor starters, compressors alternate during normal operation, which allows both compressors run when system demands.See More
Large Industrial Air CompressorFS CURTIS has taken world-class compressed air power to a new level with  low speed, heavy cast iron, large industrial air compressor packages.  The Large Industrial Series gives you unsurpassed reliability by featuring low speed compressor pumps and electric motors to ensure a long, extended service life with low maintenance.See More
NG Series - Natural Gas CompressorThe FS CURTIS NG Series is used to boost natural gas from the well head into natural gas pipelines.See More
Portable Air CompressorLong-life, low maintenance portable air compressor.See More
Rebuild & Service Kit for Air CompressorsIncludes required amount of elements for compressor. Service Kits includes required amount of oil and air elements for one service.See More
Simplex Electric - Single Stage Air CompressorFS CURTIS Simplex Tank Mounted Electric-Single Stage 2 -15 HP are built to be rugged, reliable and include cast iron construction for long-lasting durability.See More
Simplex Electric - Two Stage Air CompressorFS Curtis Simplex Tank Mounted Electric-Two Stage 3-15 HP feature heavy duty cast iron construction with vertical or horizontal mount.See More
Simplex Tank Mounted Air CompressorThe Simplex Tank Mounted Electric has 5, 7 1/2, & 10 HP models available on vertical or horizontal air receivers. 15, 20, & 25 HP models come standard on horizontal air receivers. 20, 25 & 30 HP models built with our C-98 pump are built on the heavy duty "Grasshopper" style tank.See More
Tank & Base Mounted Gas Air CompressorThe Tank Mounted Gas Kohler Engine Driven compressor offers a 12 Volt DC starter and alternator is standard. There is a low engine idle control when compressor demand drops. Available in CVG and CWG Series. Comes factory oil filled with a 5 year limited warranty.See More
Tank Mounted Gas Driven Air CompressorFS Curtis Tank Mounted Gas Driven Two Stage 13-18 HP features vertical or horizontal mount  with U.L. approved pressure switch.See More
Ultra Pack Air CompressorUltra Pack fully packaged air compressors are conveniently packaged with equipment including an after cooler, magnetic motor starter, low oil level switch, dual control, vibration pads, and more.See More
Ultra Pack Air CompressorsFS Curtis Ultra Pack Compressors feature 5-10 HP with air-cooled aftercooler, magnetic motor starter, dual control, low oil level shutdown, automatic tank drain, and tank isolator pads.See More
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