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AC Electric Motors

Premium Efficiency Electric MotorsSuper-E Motors are designed to conserve energy over extended time periods. These premium efficiency designs are available in both Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled and Open Drip Proof construction.See More
Automotive Electric MotorsAutomotive approved motors are available in both Standard High Efficiency, our Standard-E, and Premium Efficiency, our Super-E, designs. The Standard High Efficiency motors meet efficiency times power factor requirements of GM7EQ.See More
Brake MotorsBaldor's line of brake motors are available in totally enclosed fan cooled, open drip proof, or explosion proof designs, in either single or three phase.See More
Commercial Electric MotorsBaldor's new Definite Purpose Commercial Motor line offers many new ratings designed for applications with low to medium starting torque requirements.See More
Explosion Proof MotorsBaldor's Explosion-proof motors are ideal for a wide variety of applications where hazardous fumes or dust may be present.See More
F-2 Mounting Industrial Electric MotorsMotors built for applications requiring F-2 mounting are available from stock in 1/2 HP through 60 HP.See More
Farm Duty Electric MotorsThese motors are designed for many of the varied applications found on the farm. Designs include motors suitable for aeration fans, auger drives, grain stirring, metering pumps, instant reversing, irrigation tower drives, and crop driers.See More
Severe Duty Electric MotorsSevere Duty motors are available from 1 HP to 500 HP. These products are especially designed for those applications requiring protection of the motors from severe environmental operating conditions.See More
HVAC Electric MotorsBaldor's line of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Motors are designed with dynamically balanced rotors for reduced vibration and quiet operation. The motors range in size from 1/4 HP to 75 HP and include heavy duty industrial designs as well as designs for commercial applications.See More
Inverter Duty - Electric Drive MotorsInverter Drive Motors are wound with 200 degree C. moisture resistant ISR (Inverter Spike Resistant) magnet wire which dramatically extends the life of the motors compared to motors wound with non-ISR wire. The motors available from stock range in size from 1/3 HP to 500 HP.See More
Metric Dimension Electric MotorsBaldor's line of Metric Dimension Motors are designed in IEC Frames from D63 through D200L. The motors are available from stock in 50 Hz or 60 Hz.See More
Pressure Washer MotorsThese single phase motors are available in both totally enclosed fan cooled and open drip proof construction. Industrial quality with 200 degree C., moisture resistant wire, the motors have UL and CSA recognized component approvals.See More
Pump MotorsOur pump line of motors includes single or three phase jet pump motors, square flange motors, close-coupled pump motors, and P-Base vertical solid shaft pump motors. The motors are stocked in totally enclosed fan cooled, open drip proof, and many explosion proof ratings.See More
Servo Electric MotorsBaldor's servo line includes both brushless and brush type motors. Designs are available having either ferrite or rare earth magnets.See More
Servo BSM N-Series AC Electric MotorThe BSM N-series provide applications with low inertia to attain the highest acceleration capability ' to position faster ' to obtain the highest machine throughput.See More
Servo BSM C-Series Electric MotorsThe BSM C-series has as standard, a 'higher' inertia ' thus providing an excellent match for equipment requiring 'higher' inertial matching for the machine.See More
Servo BSM R-Series AC Electric MotorThe BSM R-series from Baldor allow designers to make use of the benefits of brushless technology in smaller compact packages ' less maintenance, quieter operation, faster acceleration.See More
Two-Speed Electric MotorsTwo Speed Motors are available in both totally enclosed fan cooled and open drip proof designs. Constant torque or variable torque motors having one winding or two winding are stocked in NEMA frames 56 through 284T.See More
Vector - Electric Drive MotorsVector Drive Motors are stocked in either totally enclosed blower cooled with an attached constant velocity fan or totally enclosed non-ventilated construction. All motors are supplied with a 1024 line count encoder.See More
Washdown Duty Electric MotorsBaldor's Washdown Duty Motors are available from stock in single and three phase AC and in DC designs. Horsepowers range from 1/2 to 20.See More
Rigid Base AC MotorRigid Base General Purpose AC Motor available in Single Phase and 3 Phase up to 500 HP.See More
C Face AC MotorC Face AC motor with IRIS (Inverter-Rated Insulation System) on all models 1 HP and larger. Available in 3 phase and single phase.See More
Resilient Base AC MotorGeneral purpose, resilient phase AC motor by Leeson.
See More
WattSaver AC MotorPremium Efficiency WATTSAVER® AC Motor. Available in Single Phase and 3 Phase.See More
General Purpose Farm Duty AC MotorGeneral purpose Farm Duty AC single phase motors by Leeson.See More
Fan Duty AC MotorsFan Duty AC Motors in 1/4 to 3 HP models. These fan and blower duty motors are designed for dependable, energy saving performance in applications where the fan is mounted on the shaft of the motor. See More
Special Applications AC MotorsSpecial applications within the Agricultural Industry have specific motor requirements. AC motors by Leeson are available in single phase and 3 phase models to meet your needs.See More
Crop Dryer MotorsAC Crop Drying motors by Leeson. Open air over, fan-on-shaft design motors for crop drying applications. See More
Brake Motors by LeesonSingle Phase and 3 Phase AC Brake Motors by Leeson. Available in 1/3 thru 10 HP models.See More
C Face Coupler BrakesHigh quality C Face Coupler Brake Motors by Leeson. Available in 1/3 thru 10 HP models.See More
BrakeKit by LeesonBrakeKit™ by Leeson is available for field modification of TEFC motors to brake motors.See More
Epoxy Coated Chemical Service MotorHighest quality epoxy coated chemical service motors by Leeson. Available in 3 phase only, from 3 thru 20 HP.See More
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