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Servo DC Electric Motors


Baldor's totally stainless steel SSBSM series of servo motors are designed for food, liquid, pharmaceutical, washdown, and high hygiene applications. They may be applied in harsh, corrosive environments. These motors are designed to handle IP67 and withstand 1500 psi washdown conditions. These stainless steel servo motors are offered in standard and low inertia designs for best machine inertial matching. Included in this quality design are lazer etched nameplate, FDA shaft seal, environmental protected stator with premium moisture resistant wire, and internal thermal over temperature protection. Baldor's SSBSM products are designed to be durable.
  • All stainless steel construction 304 housing, 416 shaft ' suitable for pharmaceutical and food processing
  • Watertight ' sealed to IP67 and 1500 psi for heavy duty washdown applications
  • Non-corrosive housing ' provides protection in harsh environment
  • FDA shaft seal - complies with food industry standards
  • BISSC ' complies with Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee
  • Laser etched nameplate ' no areas for bacteria to cling
  • Potted stator ' provides environmental protection and high voltage protection
  • UL rated for 130 C rise ' to provide extra high insulation/safety
  • Internal thermal switch ' supplies safeguard against overheating
  • Exxon Polyrex EM Polyurea grease - proven to provide 4 times greater life
  • Standard & low inertia models ' choose the best for the application
  • BISSC/UL/CSA/CE 'agency approvals