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SM Plus Sub-Micro AC Inverters


Ideal for OEM or multi-drive applications, the ultra-compact SM Plus inverter offers a removable Electronic Programming Module for off-line set-up and program replication. Over 50 programmable functions, 18 isolated I/O terminals and other software-intensive features mean unlimited versatility. No other Sub-Micro class drive offers a greater range of performance enhancements. Its advanced design makes the SM Plus cost-competitive with DC drives, two-speed motors, adjustable pulleys, soft starters–even, in many cases, with fixed speed AC systems. Manufactured by Leeson.
• Input line voltage calibration—optimizes over and under voltage trip levels
• Current limit to 180% with frequency foldback
• Adjustable carrier frequency
• Adjustable V/Hz
• Output frequency to 120 Hz
• Seven preset speeds
• Three programmable terminals for speed reference and control activation
• Two open collector auxiliary outputs
• Automatic restart after fault
• Control via terminal strip or optional remote keypad
• Coast or ramp to stop
• Independent accel and decel adjustment
• Forward only or forward and reverse direction
• Adjustable DC injection braking
• Speed reference: Keypad, 0-10 VDC, or 4-20 mA
• Speed reference calibration
• Speed & load indicating output signal selection: 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA
• Output signal calibration
• I2t motor thermal overload protection
• Torque and accel boost
• Slip compensation
• Activation or disabling of serial communications
• Assignment of serial addresses
• Modbus® Serial Communication Protocol
• Password protection
• Fault history: Stores eight previous trips
• Terminal status indication
• Default parameter reset