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Brushless Iron Core Linear Electric Motor LMIC Series


Baldor's brushless Linear Motor Iron Core motor is designed with advanced technology techniques to minimize cogging, while improving dynamic speed and force capability. The LMIC series has been uniquely designed to providing smooth operation. This series is available in two configurations, a standard profile, and a low profile ' for those application requiring smaller, tighter packages. It has unlimited travel utilizing modular platens. LMIC provides high very peak forces to 13,800 N (3100 lbs); speeds up to 8 m/sec (320 inches/sec); and acceleration up to over 10 Gs.
  • Advanced technology design reduces cogging - provides very smooth operation
  • Non-contact design - long life, maintenance free operation
  • Practically unlimited travel ' optimize length for your application
  • High Performance ' velocities to 8 m/s (320 in/sec) and accelerations to 98 m/s/s (10 g's)
  • High force/energy density - minimized package easily fits application space
  • Standard Profile: Peak forces 13,800N (3100 lbs)
    Continuous forces 5180N (1164 lbs)
  • Low Profile: Peak forces 1560N (352 lbs)
    Continuous forces 587N (132 lbs)
  • Lowest cost per force ' economical application solutions
  • Use with trapezoidal or sinusoidal 3-phase brushless drive