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Enclosed Positioning Stage Electric Motors


The enclosed positioning stage provides high acceleration of heaver loads; it is designed for applications with one or more axes. To provide a variety of forces, the LSE is available with either brushless iron core, cog-free, brushed DC and AC induction motors. The single axis stage includes linear bearing, linear encoder, limit switches, cable carrier and bellows.
  • High forces to 3,204 N [720 Lbs.] with Linear Brushless Iron Core motors
  • High acceleration to 44 m/s2 [4.5 g's]
  • High speeds to 5 m/s [200 in/sec] with encoder resolution > 1 micron
  • Heavy payloads to 227 kg [500 Lbs.]
  • Strokes to 2.44 m [96 in].
  • Available in three different widths: 203 mm [8 in] wide and for maximum stability the 305 mm [12 in] and 355 mm [14 in] wide model, which can be used as the base axis in multiple axis applications
  • Single-axis stage with linear motor, linear bearings, linear encoder, limit switches, cable carrier, and bellows
  • Available with brushless iron core linear motors, cog-free brushless linear motors, brush linear motors, and AC induction linear motors
  • Brushless motor for high reliability and low maintenance
  • Linear encoder feedback
  • High stiffness linear recirculating bearings
  • Highest load capacity of all the positioning stages with multiple bearings
  • Multiple moving tables with independent operation
  • For vertical applications, an optional constant force spring counteracts gravity
  • Failsafe braking with optional spring loaded pneumatic cylinder for vertical applications
  • Spring loaded hard stops
  • Base and table made of aluminum as standard - steel optional
  • Use with Trapezoidal or sinusoidal 3 phase brushless control and single-axis motion controller to close the position loop.