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Linear Stepper Motor Dual Axis


Baldor's dual axis stepper package provides open loop positioning along two axis of travel. An integrated air bearing system floats the 'forcer' less than 25 micrometers (0.001 inch) above the photo-chemically etched steel plate. Preload for the bearing system is provide by the magnetic attractive force between the forcer and the platen. The LMDS may be mounted face up or inverted. A position verification system is available to close the loop.
  • Two-axis motion in a single plane
  • Acceleration to 19.6 m/s2 [2g]
  • High repeatability 5.08 'm [0.0002 in]
  • Flatness = 12.7 'm/300 m [0.0005 in/ft.]
  • Resolution = Full Step
        Number of microsteps
        2-phase min. 5 'm [0.0002 in]
        4-phase min. 2.5 'm [0.0001 in]
  • Platens up to 914 mm x 1,498 mm [36 in x 59 in]
  • For open position loop systems
  • No tuning necessary
  • Multiple forcers with overlapping trajectories on a single platen
  • High stiffness air bearings
  • Mount face up or inverted.
  • Required drive: Microstepping driver
  • Lowest cost dual-axis positioning stage