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AC Linear Induction Motors LMAC SeriesAC Linear Induction Motors LMAC Series
Baldor's linear induction motor is designed for extremely long travel applications such as material handling and people movers. The linear induction motor consists of a 'primary' which is a coil assembly, and a 'reaction plate'.
Brushless Cog-Free LMCF Series Linear MotorBrushless Cog-Free LMCF Series Linear Motor
Baldor's cog-free brushless linear motor is designed for unlimited travel servo applications that also require extremely smooth operation with no cogging.
Brushless Iron Core Linear Electric Motor LMIC SeriesBrushless Iron Core Linear Electric Motor LMIC Series
Baldor's brushless Linear Motor Iron Core motor is designed with advanced technology techniques to minimize cogging, while improving dynamic speed and force capability.
DC Brushed Linear Servo Motor LMBR SeriesDC Brushed Linear Servo Motor LMBR Series
The brushed linear motor is designed for long stoke self-commutated servo applications.
Enclosed Positioning Stage Electric MotorsEnclosed Positioning Stage Electric Motors
The enclosed positioning stage provides high acceleration of heaver loads; it is designed for applications with one or more axes.
Extruded Positioning StageExtruded Positioning Stage
This positioning stage features lightweight moving parts for high acceleration of light loads; it is designed for long-stroke closed position loop servo applications.
HyCore - Hybrid Core Linear Electric MotorHyCore - Hybrid Core Linear Electric Motor
Baldor has redefined linear motors with a technological breakthrough. Baldor's new HyCore motor combines the best features and performance of traditional high speed, high force, closed loop brushless linear servo motors, with the cost advantages of open loop linear stepper motor technology.
Linear Stepper Motor Single AxisLinear Stepper Motor Single Axis
Baldor's open loop linear stepper motor provides the most economical linear motor positioning package.