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Advance 3000 Centrifugal Suction Pump

Advance Pumps

The Advance 3000 was designed to meet the demand of low flow, high-pressure applications, while utilizing the compatibility of Noryl® wetted parts. The enclosed impeller design ensures long life and durability. When used with the patented Impenatra ® Seal, the fluid does not contact any metal parts. This allows it to properly handle many applications at a fraction of the cost of exotic alloys. The Advance 3000 has multiple drain locations, allowing for several discharge orientations.

It is a close coupled, unit end suction centrifugal pump line which is molded in Noryl®. It's high efficiency design makes it suitable for medium flows (to-60 GPM) and higher heads (up to 160' TDH). When fitted with the patented Impenetra® Seal, the Advance 3000 provides total non-metallic contact, while maintaining the benefits of a direct drive unit.

Typical applications serviced by the Advance 3000 include:
  • laser coolers
  • filtration systems
  • deionized water transfer
  • waste water reclamation
  • pressure spray systems
  • fountains
  • plating chemical transfer and re-circulation
  • fume scrubbers
  • pollution control equipment
  • transfer of chemical process fluids