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MDM Pumps

Kohaku - Pond PumpKohaku - Pond Pump
This is a strong compact and reliable model for your small pond at 4,000 gallons or less. This model contains 3 impellers. You get big flow for a small amount of power expended with this as well as all the Sequel pumps.
Advance 1000 Centrifugal PumpAdvance 1000 Centrifugal Pump
The Advance 1000 is one of the most efficient and adaptable centrifugal pumps of its kind. With an evenly balanced delivery of flow and pressure, the design of the pump, coupled with the chosen resins, produces a strong, durable, versatile unit that allows them to cover a broad range of applications.
Advance 3000 Centrifugal Suction PumpAdvance 3000 Centrifugal Suction Pump
The Advance 3000 was designed to meet the demand of low flow, high-pressure applications, while utilizing the compatibility of Noryl® wetted parts. The enclosed impeller design ensures long life and durability. When used with the patented Impenatra ® Seal, the fluid does not contact any metal parts.
Asagi - Pond PumpAsagi - Pond Pump
The next step for a larger pond, Asagi is still compact with the strength and value you need. This model contains 3 impellers. Efficient to run and still gives you big flow and outstanding quality.
Genesys 2x3x6 Industrial Water PumpGenesys 2x3x6 Industrial Water Pump
The 2x3x6 is the first series of the Genesys line. The nomenclature indicates 2” discharge, 3” Inlet, and 6” impeller.
Gin Rin - Water Garden and Koi Pond PumpsGin Rin - Water Garden and Koi Pond Pumps
Massive flow! This is the big guy for the large water garden and Koi ponds. With 3 impellers the Gin Rin achieves a maximum flow of 11,000 GPH. It is strong and reliable and surprisingly compact for the amount of water this will displace.
Impenatra Seal - Mechanical SealsImpenatra Seal - Mechanical Seals
The Impenatra® Seal is a patented design in mechanical seals and is available from Advance. The Impenatra® seal is a radically new approach to solve many shaft sealing problems. When used in the Advance 1000, it isolates all metallic parts from contact with the fluid.
King Fish Water Filtration PumpKing Fish Water Filtration Pump
Unbeatable flow rates in a small powerful package. Suited for showcase water features, this is a pinnacle product for even the most demanding applications. The pump provides you with the flow for simple biological purification as well as artistic and showcase qualities of your water feature design. KingFish brings the power with a 3 phase motor and frequency control that gives you the ability to dial in your flow and run a complex filtration system.