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Oilfreepac 2000 Midi Heatless Dessicant Air Dryer


The condensate is removed via a membrane condensate drain (5). Via the lower shuttle valve (8) the air is led into desiccant cartridges (1) in which the air is dried down to a pressure dew point of -40°F (equivalent to a remaining water content of 110 ppm). In the following activated carbon purification stage (9) oil vapours, hydrocarbons, taste and odours are adsorbed to a level far below 0.003 ppm.

Air quality related to

standard inlet conditions:

Particles < 0.01 ppm

Residual oil content < 0.01 ppm

Oil vapour and hydrocarbons < 0.003 ppm

Water vapour PDP - 40°F (= 0.11 ppm)

Taste and odours: Taste and odour free