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VarioDry Membrane Air Dryer


Compressed air is an indispensable drive and process medium to almost all ranges of industrial production. However, the appropriate compressed air needed for production must be dry, free of oil and clean in order to prevent expensive breakdowns. Besides the proven technologies of refrigeration and desiccant drying, the innovative technology of membrane drying now offers new possibilities and advantages where the application is concerned.

The generation of membrane compressed air dryers VarioDry is convincing in its astonishing compact construction with only corrosion resistant synthetic materials being used. VarioDry runs almost noiseless without mechanically movable parts and does not require an electric supply. The versatile system runs without refrigerating agents, is space-saving and can be easily installed in various ranges of application.
Construction Features:
  • Compact construction
  • Only corrosion resistant solid synthetic materials are used
  • Free of CFC, PVC and silicone
  • No electrical supply required
  • Operates almost noiseless since mechanically movable parts are not installed
  • Low filtration needed: no abrasion of drying agent, no afterfilter
  • Integrated purge air throttle valve
  • Large capillary diameter

Variable Dryer Capacity:

  • Universal application, various possibilities of pressure dew point reduction depending on airflow
  • Automatic pressure dew point adaptation in varying inlet parameters
  • Rapid reaction rate by highly hydrophillic membrane
  • Dry compressed air available immediately

Technical Features:

  • 5 types with 0.9 to 18.8 scfm, higher capacity possible upon request
  • Low pressure drop < 1.45 psi
  • Available for various pressure dew point reductions
  • Low purge air demand
  • Ambient temperature up to +140°F
  • High water vapour selectivity, no change of O2/N2 ratio of compressed air, therefore perfectly suitable for medical applications
  • Max. operating pressure: 230 psi gauge