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Mist-XL Filter

Dominick Hunter

Offering the ideal solution to ever increasing demands from industry for clean, high quality compressed air, efficient removal of oil-mist carryover from piston or oil flooded rotary compressors, is essential.

Compressed air processing equipment must have a very low pressure drop, long service life, and be strong enough to withstand the most arduous operating conditions. Protection from oil slugs or compressor air/oil separator failure is essential.

The MIST-XL Mist Eliminator’s pressure drop is one of the lowest available at 0.5 psi which is typically 8psi lower than conventional filters. This provides significant energy savings as on average every 2 psi pressure drop in the system equals a 1% loss in compressor horsepower.


• Long service life (10-15 years before element change)
Ultra low 0.5 psi d
Special machine pleated construction
Provides 9 - 10 times greater filtration surface area
Eliminates migration of airflow to area of least resistance, also known as “channeling”
Eliminates shedding of media
Strong stainless steel support sleeve construction
Eliminates rust and corrosion which can contaminate the air system
Integral support of the filtration media to eliminate bypass of contaminants
Tie-rod construction for complete mechanical protection against compressor air/oil separator failure
Positive gasket seals eliminate media bypass