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VSACE Air and Gas Housing

Dominick Hunter

Within the critical areas of the process industry where containment and prevention from contamination of the process is essential there is a need to ensure total security. This requires a positive location mechanism with double ‘O’ Ring security. VSACE housings have been specifically designed for the TRUESEAL demi cartridge.

TRUESEAL are a new demi cartridge for the HIGH FLOW TETPOR range that provides the first truly positive location click-lock design for small cartridges.

All TRUESEAL cartridges are manufactured with a wide bore cartridge construction for improved flow rate performance TRUESEAL also gives the advantage of reduced capital and running costs with total security.

TRUESEAL has primarily been introduced to overcome the problems of filter movement during steam sterilisation. It also offers a solution to the problems associated with incorrect alignment of existing format cartridges which rely on the filter housing to keep them in position.

• Designed to maximise flow rate & minimise pressure drop
• Positive click-lock element location and double o-ring seal
• Specifically designed for the biopharmaceutical industry
• Plenum base ensures collection of condensate minimising the chance of filter blinding and high differential pressure
• Steam jacketed & electrically heated options
• Choice of sanitary tri-clamp or sanitary bleed valve vent & drain connections as standard
• Sanitary tri-clamp body closure as standard