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Synteq™ XP M/S Coalescing Filter Elements


Donaldson® Synteq™ XP filter elements are designed for high quality filtration of compressed air and gas in industrial and general process applications.

Synteq XP M/S element performance has been validated in accordance with ISO 12500-1, which assures that your application will receive compressed air quality as specified by ISO 8573-1.
Features and Benefits:
  • Performance validated in accordance with ISO 12500-1: Reliable filtration of compressed air in accordance with air quality specifications of ISO 8573-1
  • Meets a broad range of application requirements: Flow range, filtration grades, efficiencies, and available options perfectly meet air purification requirements
  • Synteq XP binder-free filter media: High filtration surface area of low pressure drop and high dirt-holding capacity
  • Support sleeve made of stainless steel meshed grid: Protection of the filter media against pressure shock
  • Coalescing sleeve bound to outer SS support core: Flow area between element and housing guaranteed at any time: optimized drainage function by constant stable structure of the coalescence sleeve


  • Validation: Validation of high efficiency filters to ISO 12500-1
  • Residual oil content at an inlet concentration of 2.5 PPM: S = 0.005 PPM, M = 0.004 PPM
  • Retention rate related to particles of 0.01 µm: S = 99.99999%, M = 99.99998%
  • Oil Retention Rate According to ISO 12500-1: S = 99.8%, M = 99.3%