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Ultraporex SB High Temperature Filter Elements


Donaldson® Ultraporex™ SB filter elements contain the highly porous sinter bronze filter media. It ensures the retention of coarse solid and liquid particles. The available pore sizes of 5, 25 and 50 µm cover a wide range of applications.

By utilizing various filtration mechanisms such as direct impaction, sieving, and diffusion, liquid aerosols and solid particles will be retained in the filter down to the 5 µm particles size. The high-grade sintered bronze media ensures not only a high-load capacity of contaminants, but it has the ability to be regenerated many times.
Features and Benefits:
  • Filter surface 5.5 in2 (0205) up to 480 in2 (3050): Suitable for a wide range of applications and flow ranges
  • Void volume – porosity grade larger than 60%: High dirt holding capacity; lower differential pressure
  • Temperature range – constant temperature from -4°F up to +248°F: Broad application range
  • Regenerative – repeatable regeneration possible, combined with exact retention rates: Economical, longer service lifetime
  • Removal of all contaminants down to either 5, 25 or 50 µm: Guaranteed retention grade


  • Retention Rate: 100% in gases; defined rate of particles larger than the pore size
  • Maximum Differential Pressure: 29 psi at 68°F regardless of system pressure
  • Initial Differential Pressure at Nominal Flow: 0.29 psi (25 um pore size)