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Regenerative NBC Filtration Air Purifier for Fixed COLPRO

Dominick Hunter

The need to protect key personnel from attacks by chemical and biological weapons has never been greater. Given the escalation of this type of threat from terrorist groups and unstable nations, the development of filtration systems that would provide effective protection has become a priority.

domnick hunter was appointed project leader of a tri-nation consortium to develop and prove new technology. This project was announced a complete success at its conclusion in 1998.

Independent testing has verified that the new system, which is much more effective than single pass activated carbon filtration, removes all known CW and BW agents.

The domnick hunter regenerative NBC filtration system for fixed facilities has the modularity and capacity to be integrated into virtually all COLPRO facilities from citadels to complete buildings.

A system is also available for use in temporary facilities such as shelters and field tents. This is in addition to the compact range designed for vehicles.

• Fully regenerative
• Increased capacity
• Compact modular design
• Lower through life cost than single pass filters