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PREPOR PP Filter Cartridge

Dominick Hunter

PREPOR® PP filter cartridges will significantly reduce numbers of yeast and spoilage organisms from beverage products, to provide extremely cost effective microbial stabilisation. The cartridges will also ‘condition’ liquids and can be used to improve the filterability of products prior to terminal stabilisation by thermal or filtrative methods.

The filters will withstand harsh operational conditions and repeated cleaning, making them ideal for extended use in the bulk conditioning of products prior to membrane ‘sterilisation’ and pasteurisation. Their mechanical strength and wide chemical resistance also make them suitable for long-term contact with strong cleaning agents and detergents.

The filters utilise graded diameter and density polypropylene fibres in a multi-layered construction pleated with support and spacing layers. This configuration provides a high filter surface area coupled with a closely controlled porosity. This maximises the loading capacity and ensures that the retention of smaller particles and micro-organisms is accurately defined and maintained under wide extremes of operating conditions.


• Yeast and bacterial reduction to provide short term microbial stability
• Adjusment of filterability of bulk liquids after tank storage or transport
• Prefiltration duty to extend the lifetime of downstream microporous filters
• Fine clarification to provide bright finished product
• Prolonged contact with hot water, steam and chemicals