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PREPOR GP Liquid Pre Filter

Dominick Hunter

PREPOR GP is a new pre-filter that combines the strength of polypropylene with the microbial retention of glass fibre for demanding applications such as long term exposure to steam, high differential pressures or aggressive chemicals. The combined media will also provide a significant microbial reduction that makes PREPOR GP equally suitable for the short term stabilisation of beverages such as wine and beer as well as offering excellent protection to expensive membrane cartridges.

By using graded density media, PREPOR GP has a higher voids volume (95%) and greater dirt holding capacity than surface filtration membranes which means that filtration costs are reduced without affecting the product quality. PREPOR GP can also provide excellent pre-filtration to membrane filters in proteinaceous and high contamination applications by extending the life of the membrane cartridge and hence reducing filtration costs. The combined media is pleated into a cartridge assembly that is heat bonded and supported by an outer cage and rigid inner core, to give a robust construction that is tested well beyond its maximum operating parameters, to ensure a reproducible performance.

domnick hunter is registered to BS EN ISO 9001:1994 and PREPOR GP cartridges have a unique serial number that allows full traceability of the materials and route of construction.


• Combined media for microbial retention and mechanical strength
• Graded density media gives increased dirt holding capacity
• Suitable for beverage stabilization and fine pre-filtration
• Pleated construction with rigid core and sleeve