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PEPLYN PLUS Liquid Filter Cartridges

Dominick Hunter

PEPLYN PLUS liquid filter cartridges are utilised for the clarification and pre-filtration of a wide range of products in the pharmaceutical, beverage, ultrapure water, fine chemical and other critical industries.

A broad range of chemical compatibility ensures PEPLYN PLUS cartridges are particularly suitable for the filtration of a wide range of aggressive and viscous chemicals and solvents. They do not suffer from hydrolysis in aggressive solutions which would result in the contamination of the process fluid.

Extensive research has resulted in filter media with continuously graded fibre density. This yields progressively finer particulate retention through the depth of the media. This graded density depth filtration mechanism, combined with optimised pleated pack configuration and resultant high surface area, affords absolute filtration, high flow capability and exceptional dirt holding capacity when compared with spun bonded type products.

Particles removed from the fluid flow are held within the media matrix and are not subject to release by system fluctuations. The voids volume of PEPLYN PLUS combined with advanced cartridge construction results in a filter capable of holding high concentrations of solid particulate ensuring extended service life and reduced filtration costs.

• Micron rating range from 0.6 to 100 micron
• Pleated media for high flow rates and long life
• Graded density for excellent particle retention
• Wide range of end caps to provide retrofitting of existing systems
• All polypropylene construction