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BEVPOR MH Liquid Membrane Cartridge Filter

Dominick Hunter

The BEVPOR P range of membrane cartridge filters is available in a selection of retention ratings to provide protection of beverages from the effects of common spoilage organisms or to enable them to meet regulatory requirements. However, it is possible that other smaller microorganisms may be present that, whilst not affecting microbiological stability, may nonetheless be undesirable from a quality viewpoint. BEVPOR MH provides higher removal efficiency that BEVPOR PH, the basis of which is the recognised standard in the pharmaceutical industry for a 0.2µm sterilising grade membrane(1). Specifically developed as a beverage grade cartridge, BEVPOR MH utilises an advanced polyethersulphone membrane and integral pre-filter layer to give high flow rates,long life and improved throughput. The combination of pre-filter and the asymmetrical pore structure of the membrane provides graded filtration through the depth of the media, resulting in increased capacity to hold contaminants. Componentry has been selected to withstand repeated chemical cleaning and steam sterilisation.
(1) ASTM F838-83


• Enhanced microbial retention based on pharmaceutical industry specifications
• Integral pre-filter layer and high surface area combine to maximize service life
• Repeatedly integrity testable
• Cartridge can be regenerated and sanitized for extended service life
• Low adsorption of protein, color, and flavor components
• Asymmetrcal membrane pore structure provides high contaminant loading capacity