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PEPLYN HD Liquid Filter Cartridges

Dominick Hunter

PEPLYN® HD filter cartridges are designed to remove a wide range of particulate contamination for the purpose of clarifying ancillary liquids, providing bright products and protecting downstream process plant.

PEPLYN® HD utilises polypropylene filter media and support materials, especially configured to provide exceptional depth filtration properties.

Particles are captured throughout the depth of the pleated media by using graded fibre sizes and densities, coupled with closely controlled porosity of the final layers. This results in maximising the loading capacity of the media whilst accurately defining the retention of smaller particles under a wide range of operating conditions.

PEPLYN® HD provides a cost effective option to wound, spunbonded and meltblown filter cartridges, where the increased filtration area associated with the filter’s pleated configuration, can enhance the dirt capacity and subsequent service life.


• Raw water filtration for the protection of downstream process such as RO membranes
• Trap filtration removing pre-coat and body fed particles that have been released from powder filters
• Removal of carbon and resin fines downstream from treatment processes