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Ultrac A Activated Carbon Vapor Filter Element


Donaldson Ultrac A adsorption filter elements incorporate two stages of filtration. The first stage contains activated carbon for removal of oil, hydrocarbon and odor vapors through adsorption. The second filtration stage consists of binder-free borosilicate depth media, supported by microfiber polyamide fleece, for removal of particulate contamination in the air or gas stream. These filtration stages are followed and supported by an outer stainless steel core, which also protects the element against pressure shock. Flow distribution into and through the element has been optimized by the use of a carefully designed inlet/outlet end cap incorporated into the element itself. Flow direction through the element is inside-to-outside, which minimizes pressure drop and assures full utilization of both layers of filter media. Residual oil content is less than 0.003 ppm with an inlet challenge of 0.01 ppm (might require recommended prefiltration).
Features and Benefits:

  • Optimized flow distributor at filter inlet- Reduces flow resistance, minimizing pressure drop resulting in energy savings; equalized flow through entire surface for full utilization of media
  • Activated carbon granules embedded in support foam- Prevents abrasion of activated carbon material
  • High density packing of activated carbon on inside surface of support foam- High adsorption capacity and improved efficiency for optimum performance throughout element life
  • Microfiber polyamide fleece support layer after borosilicate media- Improves overall particle retention rate, achieving ISO Class 2 quality (ISO 8573-1)


Recommended ApplicationTemperature: +50°F +104°F (Tmax = +140°F)
Recommended Prefiltration: Residual oil content < 0.01 PPM, e.g. by submicrofilter
Retention Rate: Residual oil content < 0.003 PPM with appropriate prefiltration
Initial Differential Pressure at Nominal Flow: 1.45 psi


Adsorption Stage: Activated carbon granulate, embedded in PUR ester carrier material
Filter: Medium Binder-free borosilicate
Support: Fleece Polyamide fleece
Bonding: Polyurethane
End Caps: Glass-fiber reinforced polymer
Two O-Rings: Perbunan®*: silicone free and free of compound (standard)
Support Sleeves: 304 Stainless steel