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CO2 Free Air Generators

Dominick Hunter

domnick hunter CO2 free air generators eliminate the need for high pressure air cylinders in the laboratory.  The units utilise formulated molecular sieve beds in conjunction with the pressure swing absorption technique to remove CO2 and water vapour from an existing compressed air supply.

The generators can be used to supply instrument quality CO2 free air for purging of FT-IR spectrometer sample compartments, optics and air bearings and microscope purging, or to supply TOC analysers with CO2 free air.

Four models are available with flow rates ranging from 1.5 L/min to 85L/min.

The generators incorporate domnick hunter Oil-X inlet and outlet filtration and remove all suspended liquids, particles greater than 0.01 microns in diameter and non methane hydrocarbons to > 0.003 ppm.  Carbon dioxide is removed to levels below 1 ppm and water vapour is removed to a pressure dewpoint of - 70° C or better.  Condensates are automatically discharged from the inlet filters.

All domnick hunter gas generators are designed and manufactured within a rigorous ISO9001 quality system and are certified to CE.

• Fully regenerative, proven durability PSA technology
• Compact and lightweight
• Integral OIL-Xplus pre- and after filtration
• Free standing or wall mountable
• Tested and approved by TOC and FT-IR instrument manufacturers
• Simple to install
• Constant, guaranteed high purity
• Extended instrument lifetime