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Nitrogen Generators for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dominick Hunter

domnick hunter's knowledge of pharmaceutical processes is reflected in our extensive filtration, separation, purification and gas generation product ranges which are used in pharmaceutical processes that include the production of vaccines, antibiotics and injectables.

MAXIGAS operates on the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principle to produce a continuous stream of nitrogen gas from compressed air. It is a cost effective alternative to other gas sources with no on-going costs. It is also safer as manhandling and storage of high-pressure cylinders is not necessary.

MAXIGAS can be used in the following pharmaceutical applications:
• High-pressure transfer
• Blanketing
• Purging equipment
• Final drug and API manufacture
• Aseptic packaging


• Wide range of purities and flows available
• Convenient secure supply
• No need for costly de-oxo systems
• Modular - allowing for easy expansion
• No high pressure cylinder or dewar storage
• Bespoke skid or containerized systems available