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Nitrogen Generators for Brewing

Dominick Hunter

MAXIGAS from domnick hunter generates high-grade nitrogen gas from compressed air and is a cost effective alternative to other gas sources. There are no on-going costs such as refills, order processing or delivery charges.

MAXIGAS gives brewers increased control over flowrates and production downtime is minimised due to the permanent availability of an on-demand nitrogen supply.

Nitrogen gas applications during brewing include:
• Blanketing of ingredients for reduced oxidation
• Keg cleaning and filling for reduced water consumption and beer losses
• Purging equipment and pipelines
• Mixing
• Pressure transfer
• Filter integrity testing
• Dispensing systems

• Nitrogen purity of up to 10 ppm oxygen content
• On-demand nitrogen
• Increased control
• No reliance on gas deliveries in remote or congested areas
• Modular space saving design
• Ability to add extra banks of generators
• Simplicity
• Innovative regeneration feature requires minimal maintenance
• domnick hunter global service and support
• Easily retrofitted