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Midigas Nitrogen Generators

Dominick Hunter

The domnick hunter MAXIGAS MIDI range of nitrogen generators produce nitrogen gas from a virtually free resource – air.  Designed to operate from compressed air, the generators deliver a continuous, uninterrupted supply of nitrogen gas at purity from 97% - 99.999%.

The units are ideally suited to applications requiring a slightly higher flow of nitrogen such as ICP-OES, multiple LC/MS instrument installations and sample evaporation.

The MAXIGAS MIDI comes in two sizes; The N2MID350 and the N2MID 600 and are available with or without an integrated compressor.  The units can be configured to do a wide range of purities / flow rates.

• Convenient secure supply
• Reduced ongoing operating costs
• Compact design
• Option of an integrated oil-free compressor
• No high pressure cylinder or dewar storage
• High durability PSA technology