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Nitrogen Generators

Air and Nitrogen GeneratorsAir and Nitrogen Generators
Generate separate streams of high purity nitrogen and clean dry air from a single unit.
Laboratory Gases Nitrogen GeneratorLaboratory Gases Nitrogen Generator
The domnick hunter range of gas generators helps you to improve laboratory performance by permanently eliminating gas cylinders from the laboratory.
MAXIGAS Nitrogen GeneratorsMAXIGAS Nitrogen Generators
Nitrogen generators able to form the basis of a centralised gas supply system to supply multiple applications or instruments within a laboratory.
Midigas Nitrogen GeneratorsMidigas Nitrogen Generators
Larger nitrogen generators, ideally suited to applications requiring a slightly higher flow of nitrogen.
Mixed Gas Dispense SystemsMixed Gas Dispense Systems
The domnick hunter Mixed Gas Dispense system uses a nitrogen generator which, when connected to CO2 cylinders, can produce mixed blends of CO2 and nitrogen in a number of pre-determined ratios.
Nitrogen Generators for BlanketingNitrogen Generators for Blanketing
domnick hunter MAXIGAS nitrogen generators are the ideal source of nitrogen gas for blanketing the storage and processing of products such as adhesives, inks, paints, cosmetics, petrochemicals and many more chemicals.
Nitrogen Generators for BrewingNitrogen Generators for Brewing
MAXIGAS from domnick hunter generates high-grade nitrogen gas from compressed air
Nitrogen Generators for Electronics ManufactureNitrogen Generators for Electronics Manufacture
MAXIGAS nitrogen generators are the ideal source of nitrogen gas supply for various applications within electronics manufacture, providing totally clean, dry nitrogen at the required purity without the need for cryogenic nitrogen or cylinder supplies.