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Semi-Welded (Paraweld) Plate Pair Heat Exchangers


APV ParaWeld is a range of laser-welded plate pairs for refrigerant and chemical processing and a logical alternative to shell and tube and all-welded plates. The pairs are particularly suitable for evaporation and condensing of refrigerants such as ammonia, as well as chemical and general process duties involving aggressive liquids that would attack conventional gaskets.

APV ParaWeld consists of plates welded in pairs using a patented laser-welding process. Each second channel is secured by a welding, and the other channels by gaskets. Several plate and gasket materials are available (see APV ParaWeld product brochure). The APV patented Tri-Flash system enables the use of plate heat exchangers for direct expansion evaporation.

Semi-Welded (paraweld) Plate Pair Plate Heat Exchangers Features:

  • Max. temperature: Up to 392° F / 200° C
  • Min. temperature: Down to -36.4° F / -38° C
  • Max design pressure: 435 PSIG / 30 bar
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Strong mechanical construction
  • Allow handling of aggressive media
  • Added security against leakage
  • Flexibility to be expanded or reduced in size
  • A small footprint and a low profile
  • Patented Tri-Flash system