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APV Direct Steam Heating (Steam Infusion) Units


Direct Steam Infusion Systems

Operates by introducing product into an atmosphere of steam through multiple nozzles in a pressurized chamber.

The infusion system is available in a wide range of UHT combination plants, i.e. with tubular heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers. Capacities range from 1,000 to 35,000 l/hour.


APV Direct Steam (Infusion) Heating Unit Features:
The infusion sterilizer offers instant, gentle heating without cavitation, accurate holding times and rapid cooling.

  • Flexible production of high-quality sterile products without cooked flavor
  • Pasteurized products with extended shelf life
  • Products requiring gentle heat treatment and efficient deodorization
  • Products susceptible to fouling
  • Typical products include milk, cream, soy milk products, processed cheese, puddings, desserts and ice cream mix.