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Double Wall (Duo-Safety) Design


Duo-safety plates are specially designed to protect product from medium as a consequence of through-plate leaks from cracks or corrosion. They have a pair of special non-welded plates back to back, with the leak path between them open to atmosphere. These paired plates then have product and service medium flow on either side.

Product Range
The APV Duo-Safety plate consists of two loose heat exchanger plates. These can be made of different material. Each plate pair is fitted with a non-glued Paraclip gasket, which both seals and holds the pair together. Gaskets can be supplied in the full range of materials. The APV Duo-Safety heat exchanger plate pairs can be supplied in stainless steel, titanium, etc. or in two different materials. Gaskets are now available in NBR or EPDM material.


APV Double Wall (Duo Safety) Design Features:

  • 100% visual inspection is possible
  • The APV Duo-Safety plate pair can be dismantled for cleaning between the two plate faces
  • Possibility to combine different plate materials in one plate pair, such as stainless steel/titanium or hastelloy/titanium
  • Two gasket materials can be combined; e.g. EPDM/viton
  • High safety against mixing of fluids
  • No welds