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Helical Gear Pump - 3600 Series


Roper Pump's 3600 Series Helical Gear Pump

Trouble Free Versatility: There must be 3600 easy ways to put these ultra-reliable workhorses to use.


  • Mixing, blending, recirculating, and transferring heavy, viscous materials in either a fixed or mobile transfer applications
  • Ideal for gasoline, asphalt, molasses, ink, roofing compound, and oils



Helical Gear 3600 Series Pump Features:

  • Heavy duty cast iron helical gear pumps
  • Bi-directional, self-priming
  • Differential pressures to 125 PSI
  • Up to 468 GPM
  • Standard operation up to 212°F
  • Can be built to operate up to 450°F
  • Maintenance-free durability
  • Right angle port design
  • Bi-directional rotation
  • Iron or Carbon Bushing Options
  • Mechanical Seal Options
  • Cast Iron Housing
  • Steel Shaft
  • Bronze Bearings
  • Hardened Iron Gears
  • Delrin® Idler Gears for the 32 and 43 models*


  • Through ports or angled ports; 2-sided or top and side configuration
  • Threaded ports or flanged, tapped port connections
  • Internal relief valve and integral gear reducer
  • Outboard bearing, depending on drive and seal arrangements
  • Materials - Iron and carbon Bearings; Stainless Steel Gears and Shafts; Delrin® Idler Gears for the 48 model

*Delrin® is a registered trademark of E.I. duPont de Nemours Co. (Inc.)