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Submersible Solids Handling Pumps

Chicago Pump

CHICAGO PUMP®Series 2152 Submersible Solids-Handling Pumps have an established reputation of efficiency, long life and reliable operation. The quality features essential for forming this reputation are inherent to the basic design of each CHICAGO PUMP.
  • Capacities to 9,000 USGPM (568 l/s)
  • Heads to 250 feet (76m)
  • Discharge Sizes 3" ~ 14" (76mm ~ 356mm)
  • Solids (sphere size) to 6" (152mm)
  • IP68 motor protection
  • Available with third-party (F.M) explosion-proof listing
  • Motors designed and rated per NEMA MG-1 and IEEE standards
  • Easy-Lift® Guiderail Systems
  • MODU-CAB® Cap & Cable System (180 frame and larger)
  • Free-Standing units for portable service
  • Standard "Type 21" mechanical seals for low-cost and quick availability from independent local sources
  • Standard Silicon Carbide seal material for superior abrasion resistance, high resistance to thermal shock, low coefficient of friction, excellent corrosion resistance, elimination of "run-in" period and limited dry-running capability. Tungsten Carbide is optional.
  • "Solid-Block" seal ring design assures long life and reliability under upset conditions
  • Dual moisture detection probes to eliminate false alarms
  • Terminal Board cable connection for quick replacement of the cap/cable assembly
  • Epoxy-potted cable entry
  • Thermal switches in motor windings for over-temperature protection