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Regulus Sequencer Master Controller


The Regulus® Sequencer is the most efficient master controller available today for the control of multiple centrifugal compressors. Unlike most other sequencers that control multiple compressors by adjusting unit set-points the Regulus Sequencer actually takes over supervision of the inlet and unloading control valves of each compressor in the system and shares the load against a total system pressure demand.

This control scheme ensures that all compressors will utilize their full turndown capability before unloading air to atmosphere. The Sequencer also performs time sharing functions and automatically levels run hours among multiple compressors.

The Regulus Sequencer only supervises Regulus PLC control panels. If you have older FS-Elliott EDC panels or equipment made by a competing manufacturer, these will need to me retrofitted to the Regulus control panel before adding the Sequencer.


The Sequencer communicates with the unit control panel via a sequencer communication module installed in each unit control panel. This frees up the modbus/profibus port to communicate with the overall plant DCS system and provides a dedicated connection between the sequencer and each compressor.

Two hardware configurations are available for the Regulus™ Sequencer. An industrial version is available with its own NEMA 4 or 4X enclosure. A PC software version is available with and I/O module that allows the sequencer functions to be performed by a desktop computer.