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Compressor Controls & Accessories

Pulsar Compressor Drain ValvesPulsar Compressor Drain Valves
The Pulsar® is available in 2000 scfm, 8000 scfm and 50,000 scfm configurations.
Regulus R150 Compressor Control PanelRegulus R150 Compressor Control Panel
The R150 is an industrial compressor control panel which includes many standard features that are typically offered as optional equipment.
Regulus R200 Compressor Control PanelRegulus R200 Compressor Control Panel
The R200 is a premium industrial compressor control panel packed with features. The heart of the R200 systems is a Siemens 300 series PLC installed in a rugged, heavy gage enclosure.
Regulus R300 Compressor Control PanelRegulus R300 Compressor Control Panel
The R300 is an engineered compressor control panel designed for API-672 – “Basic Duty” compliance.
Regulus R400 Compressor Control PanelRegulus R400 Compressor Control Panel
The R400 is a premier engineered compressor control panel designed for API-672 – “Special Duty” compliance and beyond.
Regulus Sequencer Master ControllerRegulus Sequencer Master Controller
The Regulus® Sequencer is the most efficient master controller available today for the control of multiple centrifugal compressors.