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ARCO ELV (Elevator) Roto-Phase


ELV (Elevator) Roto-Phase
The ARCO ELV Series Roto-Phase is designed for freight and passenger elevators. This Roto-Phase incorporates (HOA) Hands/OFF/Automatic selector switch, timers and controls to integrate with the elevator controls.

Automatic mode operation requires a signal to be sent from the elevator call button to start the Roto-Phase. After a 2 to 3 second delay, a timer from the Roto-Phase panel sends a signal to the elevator controls for energizing the elevator motor. When the Roto-Phase is energized, a 0-60 minute timer is activated. This timer signals the Roto-Phase to shut off at the designated present time. If the elevator is called for during this preset time, the timer will reset, preventing the Roto-Phase from turning off during use. 


Normal Operation:
Normal operation begins when the elevator call button is pressed. This closes the auxiliary contact provided in the elevator controller. The elevator relay (ER), which will need to be supplied by end user and connected between the C3 and C4 circuit, then energizes the control relay (CR1) circuit in the Roto-Phase control panel. The control relay picks up the Roto-Phase starter (MR) coil that seals itself in circuit across the control relay. At the same time the Roto-Phase starter is energized, the time-delay relay (TD) is activated. This time-delay relay controls the amount of time allowed to start the converter. When the time-delay relay has timed out, its normally open contacts (NO) close across the C1 and C2 circuit. The normally closed contact of the control relay (CR1) in series with the coil of the running timer (TR), which controls the amount of time the Roto-Phase converter is allowed to run after it is started, has now opened. Even though Roto-Phase starter is closed, the running timer (TR) will not operate until the elevator completes its operation and the elevator relay (ER) again opens up to let the normally closed contact of the control relay (CR1) to close. This does not allow the running timer (TR) to time out and shut off the elevator between floors through the running timer's (TR) open contact. When the Roto-Phase converter is operated automatically, and the elevator has not been operated for 30 minutes, the running timer (TR) will time out. Once the running timer (TR) has completed its timing cycle, then the open contact position of the running timer (TR) will open the coil of the Roto-Phase starter shutting down the converter. This prevents wasted power by not allowing the converter to run continuously. The closing of the elevator relay (ER) will repeat the cycle. If the overload of the Roto-Phase is actuated, it will shut down both the converter and the elevator.

Model Notes:

  • Integrates with elevator controls.
  • Always a successful start.
  • ELV Series can be purchased as a two piece unit.
  • Assembled with top quality components.
  • Rainproof control panel. Meets NEMA 3R Classification.
  • Factory supervised start-up available.
  • Automatic controls completely prewired.

Roto-Phase Accessories from ARCO:

  • Starters
  • Fuses
  • Disconnects
  • Motor-Servers