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APV - An SPX Brand V2

APV Compakva Water Heater
APV Compakva water heaters, smallest of their type, highly efficient, and low operating costs.
APV Direct Steam Heating (Steam Infusion) Units
Direct steam infusion systems designed for a range of applications.
APV Direct Steam Heating (Steam Injection) Units
This system provides very rapid heating, and operates by direct injection of steam into a continuous flow of product through a special nozzle.
APV District Heating Systems
Since the 1970s, APV has designed, developed, produced and maintained district heating units. Installation takes one day, with easy startups.
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APV HYBRID All Welded Plate Heat Exchanger
Wide range of possible applications; for thermal, physical and geometrical conditions. Available in a variety of high grade alloys.
APV Plate Evaporators
A range of plate evaporators are available from APV; rising/falling film plate evaporators, falling film plate evaporators, Paravap, and Paraflash.
APV Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchangers
APV customizable tube in tube heat exchangers. Flexibility in materials of construction from carbon steel to special alloys.
Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
Stainless steel plates and connections with copper brazing. Rated for 450 psig/31 bar operating pressure with a maximum temperature of 383ºF/195°C.
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Double Wall (Duo-Safety) Design
Duo-safety plates are specially designed to protect product from medium as a consequence of through-plate leaks from cracks or corrosion.
Gasketed Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers
High heat transfer and efficient operation resulting in up to 98% heat recovery or regeneration.
Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
Variable speed or fixed speed drives in a wide range of horsepowers. Fully customizable to satisfy a wide range of applications.
Self-Priming Pump
Reduce your noise level and benefit from the amazing development in self-priming.
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