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Barnes Engineered Basin Pressure Sewage SystemBarnes Engineered Basin Pressure Sewage System
Barnes Pressure Sewer Systems offer a broad range of customized engineered pressure sewer basins with reliable and dependable 1 to 7.5 hp grinder pumps in simplex and duplex configurations to the municipal and commercial markets. The basins come in a variety of sizes to fit specific applications with custom control panels, multiple cover options and many accessories to suit exact needs. Crane Pumps & Systems also offers comprehensive piping analysis for your projects. Contact sales for more information.
Fountain Pumps by BarnesFountain Pumps by Barnes
Barnes UL listed fountain pumps are the market leader in decorative water applications.
Barnes Grinder PumpsBarnes Grinder Pumps
Barnes grinder pumps are designed to reduce sewage particles to a finely ground slurry. The OmniGrind Plus features patented two stage technology.
Barnes Non Clog Submersible PumpsBarnes Non Clog Submersible Pumps
Barnes Non-Clog series of pumps are commonly found in applications involving sewage, effluent, wastewater processing and solids laden media. Available in both standard and explosion proof applications Barnes Non-Clog pumps are constructed of durable cast iron, oil filled motors providing a pump tough enough to meet most application needs.
Barnes Packaged Plumbing SystemsBarnes Packaged Plumbing Systems
Barnes Packaged Plumbing Systems are designed to handle wastes from lavatories, laundry tubs, floor drains, water closets, etc. and will push the water from below ground up to where normal drainage will handle it. Complete packages with basins and controls are available in many different sizes and configurations.
Residential Sump Pump by BarnesResidential Sump Pump by Barnes
Barnes sump pumps feature low cost, high performance benefits from a rugged, heavy duty design. With upper and lower ball bearings and a heavy duty cast iron vortex impeller, Barnes SP33, SP50 and SP75 sump pumps are robustly designed for long operational life and dependable service. They are further enhanced by a stainless steel shaft and silicon carbide seals. Barnes sump pumps save time and replacement costs because they are interchangeable with competing sump pump models.
Barnes and Burks Self Priming PumpsBarnes and Burks Self Priming Pumps
Barnes and Burks self-priming pumps are designed to meet a broad range of general and special industrial applications. Base mounted models are available with motors up to 150 hp, while closed-coupled models are available from 1/3 to 15 hp.
Barnes and Crown Self Priming Solid Handling PumpsBarnes and Crown Self Priming Solid Handling Pumps
Barnes and Crown offer a broad range of engineered self-priming centrifugal pumps for a variety of light to heavy-duty wastewater applications. Designed specifically for unscreened raw sewage or industrial waste applications.