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Regenerative Turbine by Burks


Burks Turbine unique design is engineered for high pressure, low flow applications. The raceway conducts fluid into the impeller and then provides a channel for the liquid to move as it is propelled and energized by the impeller.
  • Feed / Transfer
  • High-temperature water and oil heat transfer
  • Boiler Feed and Condensate Return
  • Circulation
  • Hot and cold water circulation
  • Brine recirculation
  • Hydraulic oil circulation
  • Metering
  • Additive metering
  • Hot water spray
  • Pressure Maintenance
  • Jockey pumps
  • Pressure Booster

Raceway - Sealing grooves, machined into the face of the raceway, match the impeller sealing grooves, minimizing water slippage and increasing delivery efficiencies.

Impeller - Annular grooves or sealing rings, machined into the face of the impeller rare perfectly matched with corresponding grooves in the raceway and intermesh without metal-to-metal contact to form a labyrinth seal.

External Life - Lok(R) adjustment for extended life and field adjustment.

Options: MJ Jacketed Seal - Special seal arrangement effectively handles fluids up to 500° F and eliminates seal cracking and distortion, substantially extending seal life.