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Industrial Liquid Handling Pumps

Cat Pumps

CAT PUMPS is a premier supplier of triplex positive displacement industrial liquid handling pumps capable of both high flows and high pressures. Our industrial liquid handling pumps are designed for a wide variety of industrial liquids with individual pump performances from .5 to 240 GPM, 100 to 10,000 PSI. Our industrial liquid handling pumps are designed for non-abrasive liquids that contain no suspended solids. Optional seals and o-rings are available in FPM, EPDM, STG, PTFE and other blends for compatibility with more demanding industrial liquids such as leachate or chemicals.
  • Select models are available with brass heads and 304SS valves for standard industrial cleaning applications.
  • Select models feature Nickel Aluminum Bronze heads and 316SS valves for intermittent-duty reverse osmosis systems.
  • Cast and Block-Style models feature 316L, 316SS or Duplex SS heads and valves for compatibility with chemicals, crude oils, seawater.
  • Special high vapor pump models permit higher inlet pressures up to 300 PSI to maintain liquidity for CO2 and other liquids.
  • Special flushed pumps permit an external flush liquid to provide added cooling when pumping hi-temp liquids and added lubrication for low lubricity liquids.

Our industrial liquid handling pumps are a triplex design. They deliver a smooth, low pulsation flow. They are manufactured with close tolerances and operate with high mechanical efficiency to assure low energy consumption, minimal downtime and a high return on your investment. Our piston industrial liquid handling pumps feature strong suction capabilities, while our plunger industrial liquid handling pumps feature higher pressures and optional drives including smart motor and VFD.

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