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Oil-X Evolution OVR Oil Vapor Removal

Dominick Hunter

Modern Technology

Removing oil vapour from compressed air is necessary to meet the air quality standards required by many critical applications within industries such as pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, electronics and food and beverage. domnick hunter OVR systems offer many benefits when compared to traditional systems.

The most effective way to remove oil vapour from compressed air is to use an adsorbent bed of activated carbon. Unlike welded steel pressure vessels which are large and bulky, the domnick hunter OVR system utilises a high tensile aluminium extrusion, making its external dimensions smaller in comparison without compromising performance. OIL-X Evolution OVR is ideal for those areas where space is at an absolute premium.

The domnick hunter OVR system is very compact due to a technique known as snowstorm filling. This maximises the packing density of activated carbon to give a longer adsorption bed life and provide an even flow through the bed. Snowstorm filling removes the possibility of preferential flow and bypass which can lead to oil carry over.

The "snowstorm" filled cartridges also mean that servicing can be carried out quickly and effectively without the need to handle oil contaminated activated carbon granules.


• Delivered air quality to international standards
Ideal for critical applications
Modular system can be multi-banked to give higher capacities
Corrosion protected
Easy to fit, cartridge system for quick, clean and simple servicing
Compact and lightweight
• Can be installed virtually anywhere