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Classic DBP Series Compressed Air Dryer

Dominick Hunter

Compressed air is polluted with dirt particles, water, oil, oil vapor and condensate. These contaminants result in high maintenance costs, premature wear, spoiled products and the failure of control systems.

A domnick hunter series DBP twin tower dryer will effectively remove these contaminants.

The adsorption principle used in this design is simple, robust and flexible. Continuous drying is accomplished by the operation of two desiccant towers. Compressed air is dried through one tower while the other desiccant tower is being regenerated. The regeneration heating cycle of the desiccant is accomplished using a hot air flow delivered by an atmospheric blower and external electric (or steam) heater. The regeneration cooling cycle is performed using a small flow of dry compressed air taken from the dryer outlet to ensure dewpoint performance.

High levels of reliability are achieved by the use of proven engineering technology and components.

• Fully automatic, interlocked operation controlled by PLC on a fixed 8 hour NEMA time cycle
• Operated between zero and full rated capacity without adjustment
• Positive displacement blower
• Separate low and high voltage control panels
• Insulated heater housing and hot air lines conserve utilities