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BA-2006 Stationary Breathing Air Purifier

Dominick Hunter

The domnick hunter BA-2006 Breathing Air Purifier is ideally suitable for critical applications where only the finest quality air is acceptable. For example: dental air, paint spraying, breathing air etc, where carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) contamination does not constitute a hazard. Supply can be taken from most sources of compressed air, either directly from the compressor or from the ring main. Care should be taken, however, to ensure the compressor is operating efficiently and not overheating. Attention should be made as to where the compressor intake is located to ensure that contaminants are not unnecessarily drawn in.

This combination unit combines stage 1 (Grade AA) in the lower housing and stage 2 (Grade AC) in the upper housing. Expected life of stage 1 is 6000 hours (1 year) while stage 2 life expectancy is approximately 1000 hours (change when odours and/or tastes are present). The pressure regulator allows adjustment of line air pressure to useable levels. This unit is supplied with mounting brackets.

• Provides high quality 'clean' air
• Wall mounted unit for convenience
• Flow designed housing for low pressure drops
• High contamination retention capacity of filter elements gives long service
• Fully automatic drainage system
• Integral lockable pressure regulating valve and gauge
• Can be used with most types of compressors
• Optional: Low pressure warning alarm