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Regenerative NBC Filtration Stationary Air Purifier

Dominick Hunter

The domnick hunter regenerative NBC system is totally effective against all airborne contaminants.

The worlds first totally regenerative Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) filtration systems are now available from domnick hunter. These patented, modular, compact systems have been developed to make obsolete all traditional, bulky, activated carbon filters. Having a field of operation many times broader than activated carbons, these new systems are fully regenerative and totally effective against all airborne contaminants, and provide breathable air. Independently tested to remove nerve agents, choking / blood agents, nuclear particles, viruses and bacteria. These all in one NBC filter systems are modular and scaleable to suit preferred needs. Sizes range from a unit that fits into the trunk of a car to a system to protect government / civil buildings. Every modular system will fit through a standard doorway and can be retrofitted to replace ordinary non-regenerative NBC filters or fitted as the worlds latest technology to:

Shelters: 2, 5, 10, 20, 100+ personnel
Buildings: Military and Civil
Vehicles: Armoured / Diplomatic
Ships: All sizes and types

All installations can be fixed, skid mounted or trailer mounted and will greatly reduce operating and logistics costs:

Independently tested and verified against simulants of:

Choking / Blood Agents: CG Phosgene, AC Hydrogen Cyanide
Nerve Agents: GB Sarin, GD Soman, GA Tabun and VX
Bacteria: Anthrax, Plague, Cholera, Diphtheria, Tularaemia
Viruses: Yellow Fever, Dengue and Encephalitis
Nuclear Particles: All sizes 0.01 microns and above


Testing to the most arduous protocols has been carried out using internationally accepted chemical and live agent simulants with a range of boiling points.

The patented technology has received test approval and independent verification by the MOD.